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Talking Sleep on Dr. Amy Myers’ Radio Show

Hi All,

Last Friday, I was on a radio show with Amy Myers, MD and John Rosania. Amy and I meet at PaleoFX conference in Austin last March. We had a chance to talk sleep and she thought it would be interesting for her listeners to move our conversation to her radio show.

Among other things, we talked about:

  1. Regularly used sleep aids: Melatonin, 5-HTP, and magnesium.
  2. Standard and novel sleep drugs, and the different mechanism of action these drugs use to enhance sleep.
  3. How light effects circadian rhythms and ways you can use smart light exposure to synchronize biological clocks.
  4. The Dan’s Plan concept of a Restorative Sleeper, which is the frameworks and tools we developed to help you get great sleep night after night.

Listen here:

2013.06.24 – Podcast with Dr. Amy Myers and Dan Pardi – How to get great sleep by Dansplan on Mixcloud



Dan’s Plan New Mobile Desktop Icon

Hi folks,

You can now bookmark a Dan’s Plan app icon on your mobile devices!

Saving the Icon To Your Mobile Desktop

Saving the icon to your mobile desktop is easy. Just visit from your phone or tablet. When you do, a bubble will appear at the bottom to prompt you to save the icon. When you log in, check the box that says “Remember Me.” Now, when you click on the icon bookmark, it takes you to your Dashboard without needing to log in.

How I Use It

I have this icon on my first screen for both my iphone and my ipad. Seeing the icon serves as atrigger to remind me to check the daily InTUNE training workout each morning. It’s one of the first things I do when I wake up. Then, it’s easy to keep the daily workout top-of-mind across the day.

As the day progresses, I look for opportunities to burst of activity here and there. Personally, my goal is to do at least 5 sets a day, but I aim for 10. As I do exercise, I click on the icon to change my totals in the Exercise Tracker as the day progresses.

Hope you find it useful like I do.

All my best,


Try it now – visit from you mobile device!



Presenting on Sleep at the 2013 Ancestral Health Symposium


Hi folks,

Recently, I had a presentation submission accepted by the 2013 Ancestral Healthy Symposium to be held in Atlanta this August. This will be the third annual meeting for this society. The first conference was held at UCLA and the second was hosted in  collaboration with the Harvard Food Law Society at the Harvard Law School. The first few conferences were excellent, with a focus on diet and exercise, but sleep was conspicuously absent from the program. My 40 minute presentation for this August will be entitled “Modern Pressures, Poor Sleep: How Sleep Loss Changes How We Live.” Sleep is absolutely critical to good health and I’m glad that it was valued by the committee this year.

I’ll be talking about how the modern world encourages sleep insufficiency, ramifications of sleep loss and mistimed sleep, and I’ll propose several potential solutions to help anyone to get sufficient sleep consistently. But sleep is just one side of the coin, the other side is vigilant wake performance during the day and evening: the period of time when people experience the benefits of good sleep. One of the most fascinating findings from research on sleep loss show that it’s difficult for humans to fully perceive the impairments from insufficient sleep. Sure, it’s normal to feel a sleepy when we don’t get enough sleep but we can also accommodate to the feeling so that this new condition becomes normal. Meanwhile, with insufficient sleep, performance impairments can accumulate and lead to qualitatively and quantitatively different mental and physical performance outputs from an individual. In other words, it’s easy for us to overestimate our ability to performance complicated tasks and to underestimate the objective impairment from sleep loss. However, there are ways to understand if you’re getting enough sleep on a regular basis and I’ll be cover those in the talk. Again, this conference is excellent and I encourage you to consider attending since there are a many practical learnings you can attain and apply to your own life.

Have a great weekend,


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