You want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Dan's Plan helps.

We help you

Maintain a successful

daily health practice. Live as an:

Intelligent Eater

Feel nourished, healthy, and energized.

Enduring Mover

Maintain a capable and resilient body.

Restorative Sleeper

Wake refreshed and feel sharp all day.


Group Competitions Premium

Have fun and stay motivated to perform well in your health practice.

InTUNE Training

A daily workout that helps you integrate short bursts of activity into your day.


Become expert on subjects that matter to your health.

Daily Yoga Premium

5-10 min videos you can do anytime, even at work.

Ideal Weight Program Premium

Leading edge weight management program. Achieve your ideal weight and sustain it.

Daily Recipes

Healthy meals you can make tonight!


  • Nike
  • Body Media
  • Fitbit
  • Jawbone
  • Moves


  • I’ve always cared about health. Dan’s Plan helps me tie all the pieces together.

    Avery Dority

  • I seriously love Dan’s Plan. The more I use it, the more I enjoy it.

    Rob Pope

  • I like that I can use different tracking devices and apps with Dan’s Plan.

    Janice Lopez

  • The daily recipes and workouts are really helpful!

    Arielle Giusto

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