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Health Zone Score

Know if you’re living a healthy lifestyle right now with the Dan’s Plan Health Zone Score. Made up from your weight, activity, and sleep data, this color-coded score lets you quickly know if you’re meeting your daily lifestyle goals. Our tools synchronize with the best health tracking devices, including products from Fitbit and Withings. Sign up now and get free access to your Health Zone Score on your Dan’s Plan Dashboard.

Daily Actions

The InTUNE workout of the day is a cutting edge training technique that helps you integrate movement into your day, opportunistically. This highly sustainable exercise method helps you get the activity you need to be healthy and you can only find it at Dan’s Plan. We also provide healthy recipes every day. Created by us, and select partners, these delicious meals provide great ideas for what to eat tonight.

Premium Programs

Ideal Weight

A unique weight management system designed by obesity, sleep, activity, and behavior scientists. We focus on key factors that determine body fat levels to help you achieve and sustain your ideal weight.
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Daily Yoga

A library of bite-sized yoga workout videos that help you fit mobility training into your day. Have a few minutes at your desk? Try a 7 minutes shoulder and neck workout now.
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Corporate Wellness

Our Smart Lifestyle system helps your employee establish an effective daily health practice that not only keeps their lifestyle healthy, but also improves cognition, mood, and productivity.
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