Welcome to Dan's Plan 3.0!
Dan's Plan


  1. We don’t know it all.  We know we don’t know it all.  
  2. We are about a mission and a process. We do not have the answer.
  3. Build something we want to use ourselves.
  4. We esteem transparency.  Reputation is paramount.  Trust is earned. We will always try to do the right thing.
  5. Don’t let perfection be the enemy of “good” or “better.”
  6. You don’t need any commercial product to be healthy.
  7. We focus on food, movement and sleep but these are not the only areas that matter in your health.
  8. Keep things as simple as possible, but not simpler (Einstein).
  9. Health is an adjective and a verb. You must cultivate a health practice to be healthy today. You need to participate. No one can be healthy for you. We want to make it easier for you.
  10. We look forward to improving our program based on the thoughtful critique and feedback from those outside our company. Can you help improve the program for everyone else? feedback@dansplan.com
  11. We sell products which creates a potential conflict of interest. We are cautious and aware of the incentives system that we have created for our company and we are committed to not let business objectives supersede our core mission to help people be healthy. We devise our guidance first and then find products we believe support these objectives for a range of member types. The products we sell don’t contain magical ingredients (none do), but can be useful when used appropriately. Products are chisels. The program is the artist.
  12. If you lose weight, you’re likely to gain weight back.  We try to help with that.
  13. The habit of regular activity is more important than any individual workout technique.
  14. Supplements should be supplementary and may not provide any benefit.  Some will find them very valuable. Some health benefits may take place but may also be hard to perceive. We use what we recommend.
  15. We don’t have testimonials on our site. We are aware of people who have claimed to derive great value from our site. Others have not stuck with our programs or felt our approach was not for them.
  16. We are very interested to work with academics who are interested in testing our program. Email us at feedback@dansplan.com.
  17. Some modern health practices are misguided.  Some 'truths' will be shown to be wrong.
  18. Food, movement, and sleep are gifts.  So is the sun, but too much will burn you, and not enough will leave you pretty pasty.
  19. Taste is subjective and persuasive in what you decide to eat. Taste is adaptive and influenced by beliefs. Theory will influence observation.
  20. Regardless of when you read this, we hope Dan’s Plan will be better a year from now. The program will always be imperfect.
  21. We want you to be successful with your health practice.  We want our business to be successful so we can stay dedicated to this area we are so passionate about.
  22. Science is a process. Things change.
  23. Successful program formula = one part effective program, two parts sticking to the program.
  24. Efficacy should be predefined.
  25. We believe you can use the guidance in our program to positively influence the rest of your life. If you spend your hard-earned money with us, we want you to feel it was money well spent. We want you to experience the fruits of your efforts your entire life.
  26. This is about you; today, tomorrow, next month, 30 years from now.  Right now.

Dan’s Plan