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Bacon or Bagels? Higher Fat at Breakfast May Be Healthier Than You Think
Apr 3


Apr 2

I am a scientist. For scientists, methods can be pretty important. I like to think that there is a “correct way” to do most things (yes, I have argued that there is a right and wrong way to load a dishwasher). So you can imagine my delight when I encountered the videos on titled, “You’re doing it all wrong.” is a great resource for a lot of things food-related, but the “you’re doing it all wrong videos” are awesome because they teach you about common mistakes and how to step up your game a notch. Current videos cover topics from nachos and grilled cheese to gnocchi and latkes. The common denominator – whatever you’re cooking is likely to taste better.


Now, I don’t think that anyone should be discouraged from cooking due to lack of formal training. Quite to the contrary I encourage everyone, especially young people to spend time in the kitchen. However, a few tips and pointers never hurt.