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Apr 18

I just got this email from my mom:)

Apr 15


Hi – How’s everything? I got 2 4×4 planter boxes from Lowes – nice looking 1/2 rounds. Av going to put them together and we’ll set them up in their yard, more room & more sun. Got 1 black pepper, 1 red pepper, patty pan squash, 3 different tomatoes, basil, parsley, chives & I think that is it…can get more veg when we see the room we have left. Have to get 1 flat of marigolds to keep bugs away. Should be fun. Also when we went to the garden show we got seeds for Butter head lettuce, ital. zucchini, arugula and one other seed pkg from Italy – can’t remember what your sister got. We are now farmers – learned about worms and composting at garden show too. We are using your idea for the egg crates as seed starters, and shredding the paper grocery bags for mulch to mix in with the dirt….

That just made my day. Happy Friday everyone!